Renting in Glasgow Guide

The Lettings Process in Glasgow – A Tenant’s Guide
If you are a prospective tenant looking to rent a property in Glasgow then it is vital that you are aware of the both the process involved and the requirements that you will need to satisfy in order to be considered for any advertised rental property in which you are interested.

Being aware of every aspect of the renting process will save you time, improve your dealings with your rental agent and could also save you money, so it is well worthwhile taking the time to understand every step of the process before you even start to look for a property to rent in Glasgow.

All prospective tenants should be aware that many of our advertised rental properties receive multiple applications and on most occasions it is the best-presented, most comprehensive application, which will be favored.

Obviously if you are unsuccessful in any application with Berisfords as a result of us receiving more than one offer on one of our Glasgow rental properties advertised to let from a prospective tenant then your application deposit will be refunded in full.

This Tenant’s Guide has been separated into the various phases of the rental process.

1. Before You Start
• Work Out your Budget. Your monthly income should be sufficient to cover the rent plus all your outgoings. As a rule of thumb your monthly rent should not exceed 40% of your net income.
• Ensure You have Funds Available. You need to make sure that you have adequate finances to pay the first months rent, the deposit and the application fee before you start looking. Your Tenant Reservation cannot be processed and will be rejected if you cannot pay for the Application Fee.
• Identify your Preferred Glasgow Areas. If you live locally then investigate your preferred areas on foot. If you are unable to do this then research the various Glasgow areas through the internet such as through our Glasgow Rental Guide
• Create a Wish List. Identify and prioritize the things that you need from the property such as number of bedrooms, garden, parking, furnished or unfurnished etc.
• Have your Paperwork in Order. Make sure that you have proof of identification
(passport, driving license) and that you can supply at least 2 written references
(preferably from your existing landlord / letting agent, employer, accountant,
bank etc)

2. Searching for Suitable Glasgow Rental Properties
• Research Carry out a detailed search of all the properties available in your chosen Glasgow location before you commit to viewing. You should ideally look to start viewings no more than 4 weeks before you are looking to move in as you will not be an attractive prospect to a landlord if you are unable to start renting a property for several weeks after doing a viewing
• Shortlist. Prepare a shortlist of the Glasgow properties which interest you most and arrange to view them. Your list should identify 3-5 properties which are suitable
• Viewings. View the properties in daylight if possible and ensure that you give yourself enough time to check over everything on your wish list. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask to have the answers to any points made to you in writing so that you have written confirmation of all discussions and agreements made during your viewing of the property
• Second Viewings. Carry out a second viewing of your preferred property. This is best done at a different time of the day or week in order to obtain a balanced view of any issues which may arise at different times of the day e.g. shoppers parking at weekends, football crowds or parking etc. Be sure to also check out the local area more thoroughly.
• Promote Yourself. It is important that you are seen as both a viable and strong prospective tenant if you wish to be considered for any Glasgow property. It is worthwhile to have your paperwork to hand to demonstrate this. It is also worthwhile to make a list of why you are the ideal prospective tenant for renting the property that you are interested in so that you can promote your rental application to the letting agent.
• Conditions of Renting. Make sure that you are comfortable with all the conditions of renting the property (term of lease, entry date, deposit etc). Be sure to ask for any changes required to the property and ask for agreement of these changes in writing (i.e. remove or supply furniture etc). Please check out our Tenant Property Checklist for a Guide on questions, which may be applicable

3. Reserving a Rental Property in Glasgow
• The Application Form. Fill in and complete the Tenant’s Application Forms for the property. Pay the Reservation Fee to have the property removed from the rental market pending the processing of references and the application form.
• Landlord’s Agreement. Your letting agent will contact the landlord to see if the principal of your application to rent the property is acceptable. The proposed entry date will also be agreed in principal prior to your references and credit check being carried out
• Credit Reference Checks. The first step in the Tenant checking process for a Letting Agent is to check that the information you have supplied us is accurate and that you are credit worthy. This is done by employing a third party Tenant Credit checking agency. If your credit score is insufficient or if any problems are identified you will be contacted straight away. Your application for letting may still proceed if you have a suitable guarantor that can act on your behalf or you can supply funds in advance.
• Written References. All prospective tenants need to supply us with 2 written references from your existing landlord, your previous letting agent, your employer, your accountant, bank etc. We can obtain these on a tenant’s behalf if preferred but you should still ensure that the person you nominate can provide a favorable reference for you.
• Confirmation of Reservation. Once both Credit checks and References are confirmed as satisfactory you will be formally notified in writing. At this time you will receive further instructions on the next steps in the rental process.

4. The Legal Process
• Form AT5. You will be sent a Form AT5 for you to sign prior to receiving any other paperwork. It is a legal requirement in Scotland for all potential tenants to be aware of the legal basis of the rental contract which they are entering into. This is clearly explained in the Form and must be signed, dated and returned prior to any formal tenancy agreement being entered into.
• Invoice. Once you sign and return Form AT5, you will be sent an invoice which identifies the monies which is due prior to being able to enter the property. This will include the first month’s rental payment and the balance of the deposit. The sum involved must be received in cleared funds prior to the date of entry. To ensure that there is no delays involved it is always worthwhile to pay cleared funds electronically at least 48 hours before the entry date.
• Confirmation of Entry. The date of entry will also be confirmed. This is required for inclusion on the Short Assured Tenancy document that will form the basis of your formal agreement to rent the property.
• Standing Order Mandate. You will be required to complete a Standing Order mandate which you will then send to your bank. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Standing Order is in place for the duration of you lease.
• Lease. You will be required to sign 2 copies of the Short Assured Tenancy agreement. One copy is retained by us for our records, the other copies is kept by you. The agreement is an important legal document and must be retained by you. You may be require to provide a copy of the lease if you wish to apply to Glasgow City Council for a Residents Parking Permit.

5. Moving In
• Inventory. An inventory will be supplied to you prior to you entering the property. The inventory is intended to record the accurate condition of both the property and the contents at the time of handover. Once you are in the property, the person who does the check in with you will go over any of the items listed with you to ensure that you are happy that the Inventory fairly reflects the condition. You will be required to sign the inventory to confirm
your satisfaction.
• Utilities. When you move into a property you will be provided with the gas and electricity meter readings together with the shipper (Supplier of the service) where appropriate. You are responsible for setting up accounts for all utilities in your name and this should be done as soon as you move into the property.
• Glasgow City Council. It is also your responsibility to notify Glasgow City Council that you are now residing in the property that you are renting. This should also be done as soon as you move in.
• Parking Permits. Registering with Glasgow City Council will also allow you to apply for a Parking Permit to park your vehicle on the street. This can be beneficial as for a nominal cost you can avoid paying parking charges in Glasgow for the duration of your stay. You will be required to provide evidence of your Glasgow address and other proof of id.

6. Moving Out
• Notice to Quit. If you decide to leave your rental property then you need to provide your Glasgow Rental Agent with a valid Notice to Quit. Requirements form agency to agency vary in Glasgow so please check to identify what is required. Under nearly all circumstances you will be required to provide a minimum of two months notice of your intention to leave the property. If you do not you will be liable to pay rent until the two months after notice has been provided
• Utilities. You will need to advise your shippers that you are leaving the property and provide them with your forwarding address and meter readings at the time when you leave the property.
• Glasgow City Council. You will need to advise Glasgow City Council that you are leaving the property and provide them with your forwarding address and arrange to pay off any outstanding balance on your Council Tax account.
• Parking Permits. You will need to return your Parking Permit to Glasgow City Council unless you are remaining in the area.
• Checkout. Once you advise your Glasgow Letting Agent that you are leaving your property you will be contacted to agree a suitable date for checking out. At check out the agent will go over the inventory with you to check for any discrepancies, including either damaged or missing items. Once you provide your forwarding address to the agency, your deposit minus any agreed deductions for damage or missing items will be returned to you usually within 7 working days either by cheque or by direct banking transfer.

We hope that this guide to the Letting process has been helpful to all prospective tenants looking to rent a property in Glasgow. If you still have questions relating to any aspect of the rental process in Glasgow then please feel free to call us to discuss.