This page provides a comprehensive Guide to the Finnieston Area of Glasgow. Information and Free Advice on Renting in the Finnieston is provided in table form. If you are interested in renting a property in the Finnieston area and the information is not listed in this Guide or in any of our other Glasgow Guides then please contact us and we will aim to include it in our next review.


    The Park Area of Glasgow is a world class area without rival in the City for its standard of accommodation, architecture and its generous landscaped gardens. Although prices are expensive in Glasgow terms, they are eminently affordable given the quality of the properties available, its central location and the beauty and greenery of the area itself.


Glasgow’s Park Area is a small but exclusive area of the West end formed
around Kelvingrove Park and is bounded by Sauchiehall Street,
Woodlands Road and Kelvin Way.

The architectural importance of the area and its stunning beauty is reflected
in the fact that it was designated as one of the first three Conservation Areas
in the city under the 1967 Civic Amenities Act.

The development was originally called Woodlands Hill, which reflected the fact
that part of the development was predominately built on the Woodlands Estate.

It also highlights the prominence of the built form of the Park Area in general
and Woodlands Terrace in particular which proudly overlooks Kelvingrove Park
to its immediate West and beyond to the areas of Yorkhill and Partick.

The Park is a stunning location for living. As well as being on the doorstep
of Kelvingrove Park, many of the properties share well tended Residents’ Gardens
which give the area a very green and suburban feel despite being in the heart
of the city.

Aside from its status as a Conservation Area, the beauty of the Park Area is
highlighted by the large number of buildings (approximately 60%) which are either
Grade A or Grade B listed.(Statistics identify that only 3% of all buildings
are listed nationally between Grade A and C. Historic Scotland identify Category
A buildings as “buildings of national or international importance, either
architectural or historic, or fine little-altered examples of some particular
period, style or building type”).

Transportation links are excellent. The area is only a few hundred yards from
the Charing Cross Junction of the M8 which provides direct links to the south
via the M74, to Edinburgh to the east and to Glasgow International Airport to
the south west on the M8 which leads beyond to the Ayrshire Coast.

Charing Cross Railway Station is also only a few hundred yards away. The main
train stations of Glasgow Queen Street and Glasgow Central Station are also
within walking distance.

Regular bus services operate from Sauchiehall Street, Woodlands Road and St
Georges Road allowing access to all parts of Glasgow and to the outlying regions



Despite being mainly residential in nature one of the many advantages of the Park area is its proximity to both the West End and the City Centre both of which are only a few minutes stroll away.

Kelvingrove Park is never more than a few hundred feet away from the Park and the many Residents Gardens offer secluded and exclusive privacy for those lucky enough to have access.

The Park area benefits from being on the doorstep to the City but does not have any of the drawbacks of noise, hustle and late night revelry which the City Centre dweller often suffers from. There are still several top restaurants nearby despite the loss of Nairns from Woodside Crescent.

There are an abundance of top bars both on Woodside Road, Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street many of which are listed later in this section.

Leisure facilities are available a short stroll away in the City Centre in nearby Finnieston or at the Kelvin Hall. Food shoppers are also spoiled by the wide choice of delis both in Woodlands Road, Great Western Road and the mainstream shopping of Sauchiehall Street with its large Marks and Spencer Food Hall.

The Park Area is predominately business and residential although many businesses are relocating out of the Park area encouraged by the very high capital values of the properties which are now worth much more as residential accommodation than they are as offices.

The Park only fails to score a full 10 out of 10 because of the fact that the schools are generally not of the highest academic standard. This is being partially addressed with the introduction of the Gaelic School to the community.

There are however a few outstanding Independent Schools nearby notably St. Aloysius and The Glasgow Academy both of which are a short walk away and offer educational standards of international renown.


The standard of accommodation in the Park Area is unrivalled anywhere else in the city. The Park offers a mix of elegant 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments most of which have been created from townhouse refurbishments over the last 10-15 years.

Whilst there are a few townhouses still in a single ownership, these are generally occupied by businesses or by the extremely wealthy. The listed status of both the area and the buildings themselves has ensured that these refurbishments have generally been carried out to the highest standards.

Accommodation is normally generous with large floor areas, well lit rooms with high ceilings usually decorated with the most ornate plasterwork and delicate cornicing.

The large windows of the upper floor apartments allow light to flood into the spaces; the views from almost every apartment are to die for as many look out onto either Kelvingrove Park or their own Private Residents’ Gardens.

Many of the apartments in Woodside Terrace, Park Gardens and Woodlands Terrace offer stunning views beyond the Parks over Glasgow itself and further beyond to the countryside and rolling Scottish Lowlands to the south and south west.

There are also many mews houses in the Park which have a totally different feel to the apartments. Created from coach houses of the original buildings, they are generally 2 stories in height and look out into the intimate cobbled back lanes which nest between the banks of the Crescents and Terraces of the area.

The mews houses are generally smaller in scale and more intimate in feeling.

There are also several tenement properties of later date which are generally located towards the Woodlands Road area of the Park on Lynedoch Place, Royal Terrace and Park Quadrant which provide more traditional and bespoke accommodation.

The introduction of parking permits and meters into the Park area has greatly

benefited residents by discouraging city and indigenous office workers using the area as free parking. This has decreased the volume of traffic into the area which was never excessive in any event.

The area is generally very quiet especially at evenings and weekends and has a restrained business like air to it during the working week.

Letting Hints and Tips


It is nearly all good in the Park Area.
Points to watch out for are as follows:

Furnishings: Flats generally
come furnished and the majority of the people who rent in the Park
expect a good standard of furnishings throughout the property.
Indeed you will be hard pushed to find an unfurnished property in
the area. Typical renters are professional singles or couples who
usually work in the city. A high proportion of the lets in the Park
Area are company lets.

wheelchair access / provision
: The hilly nature of the streets
together with the steps to the raised ground floors of most properties
mean that the area is less suitable for wheelchair users or anyone
with physical impairment. There are a limited number of flats which
are on ground level with reasonably level – these are located along

: Attic Flats are mainly suited to the young as lifts in any
Park property is the exception rather than the rule.

The last flight of stairs to attic accommodation in
Townhouses tend to be small and winding arrangements away from the
formal staircase since the attic originally served as servants
quarters. Conversions will require to have 2 means of escape from
attic flats to comply with Building Regulations.
Anyone considering
an attic flat should also remember that

since these spaces were servant quarters, the floor to ceiling heights are
not nearly as generous as in the main

living apartments on Ground, First
and Second

Floor levels.

If you are persuaded by the unbelievable
views that most attic flats in the Park Area have to offer then
please ensure that the roof is in good repair and is inspected annually.

: If you are after a view in your Park property then forget
the lower ground floor flats. Whilst many still allow good levels
of daylight, views are generally always restricted. With the

on your
doorstep and
short walk away, you should ask yourself if that small outside space
is really what you want.

to ceiling heights are generous but not as good as the upper floors.
(These were after all the kitchens and pantries of the great houses
before they were converted.)

If you are set on a garden flat then make
sure that the owner can demonstrate the property has been adequately
damp proofed.

: The tenement properties on Lynedoch
and the lower levels of Park Quadrant
can be fantastic value but do not expect the same standard of accommodation
that the more expensive properties in the area provide.

Best Value: The properties
on Royal Terrace or La Belle Place offer some of the best value in
our opinion. The flats are generously proportioned and vary in size
from 2 to 4 bedrooms and above.

Whilst this is the bottom fringe of
the Park Area, the outlook is onto the open spaces of Kelvingrove
Park and the area is still close to the shops on Argyle Street as
well as being close to the City Centre and the West End.

2 bed flats here rent from about
£750 or less if you do not mind a more basic level of furnishing.
Common areas are also more basic and of the tenement close style.

Flats closer to Woodlands Road also
tend to be more affordable but most have limited outlook and are
subject to noise from Woodlands Road itself.

: Try to avoid the peak periods of May and September if possible.
November and December is quieter.